Thursday, January 31, 2013

Coconut Oil: A Spectacular Yeast Infection Cure

The health benefits of coconut oil are overwhelming and have been proven to be an amazing cure for yeast infections.

For starters, coconut oil is wonderful for your skin and hair.  Those who take it regularly have reported coconut oil as making dry skin look radiant and fine hair to become thicker with a natural glossy sheen.  Coconut oil is an antioxidant, which could explain it’s positive effects on the skin potentially slowing down the aging process.  Something we would all enjoy!

This oil, however, does not just have a positive effect on the outside.  It has been shown to have profound heath benefits inside the human body as well.  In fact, nearly all organs stand to benefit from coconut oil consumption including your heart, kidneys, and digestive organs.

You see, coconut oil contains three medium-chain fatty acids: lauric acid, caprylic acid, and capric acid.  These acids have amazing healing properties.  Not only do they aid in speeding up the healing process of your bodily tissue, but they are extremely harmful to invasive organisms growing inside your body.

Harmful bacteria and yeasts can cause an imbalance in the body to make you feel generally ill.  An advanced internal yeast infection actually “takes root” in your organs causing them to malfunction.  This can lead to digestive disorders, kidney pain, back pain, canker sores, and a general sense of being tired as your body works overtime trying to function while in an impaired state.

What’s amazing about the medium-chain fatty acids in coconut oil is that they actually cause the walls of harmful yeast and bacteria to weaken and dissolve, thus killing off the harmful bacteria and yeast in your body while leaving your healthy tissue intact.

This means that coconut oil is extremely valuable for those with yeast infections: whether the infection is internal, external, or both.  Moreover, your tissue heals more quickly because coconut oil helps the body absorb vitamin E. 

To add to the healing effects of coconut oil: it stimulates the immune system and metabolism, assisting in shedding excess weight and harmful cholesterol.  Since it is a saturated fat, many people have assumed that coconut oil is harmful to the circulatory system.  However, coconut oil has been found to strengthen arteries making them more resilient.

This means that not only can you cure your yeast infection with coconut oil, but you may also shed some excess weight in the process.

Be certain to purchase extra virgin, cold pressed coconut oil.  Some manufacturers like to add hydrogenated oil to their coconut oil in an effort to save money on production.  However, saving money will cost you when it comes to your health.  Hydrogenated oils are harmful, particularly to your heart, and often cause weight gain in those who regularly consume it.