Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Oregano Oil Candida Cure

Oregano oil contains phenol carvacrol, which is though to be the active ingredients causing it to have profound antifungal properties.  Even just brewing the leaves of oregano in the form of a tea is said to be helpful in alleviating coughs, colds, and infections.

One theory is that oregano oil raises the temperature of the body when taken internally, stimulating the immune system, and dehydrating germs and fungus.  If you have candida--internally or externally--this is a valuable bit of information, because candida is a type of fungus.

This Mediterranean plant is not only amazing at killing harmful bacteria, parasites, and fungus: it also tastes delicious.  An excellent addition to pizza, pasta, and many other dishes, it’s a great idea to keep a patch in the yard to incorporate into foods.

Before using any home remedies including oregano oil consult a physician.  There are some known side effects of its use including a reduced ability to absorb iron.  When taken internally, use great caution.

For yeast infections a topical solution can be made with oil of oregano and a carrier oil such as olive oil, apricot oil, or jojoba oil.  I recommend making sure that it is highly diluted due to the stinging and burning that can occur with a concentration that is too strong.  In my experience one drop of oregano oil for every ounce of carrier oil is a good start.

Another option is to make a salve out of virgin coconut oil and oil of oregano.  To do so, heat the coconut oil and pour into a heat-safe container.  Add oregano oil one drop for every ounce of coconut oil.  When the mixture is almost cooled, stir it to make sure the oregano oil is incorporated into the coconut oil.

Apply the oil or salve to the infected area twice per day.  When the infection seems to be gone, apply for a few more days to ensure it has completely subsided.  The salve should not be used every day as it may cause irritation, but using at the onset of a suspected yeast infection can prevent it from getting much worse.

When taking internally, I find that the most pleasant way to consume oil of oregano is with a pasta dish.  Coupled with garlic oil, the taste is delicious and the attack on the internal infection is two-fold.  Garlic oil has also been found to have significant anti-fungal properties.