Monday, March 11, 2013

Nine Healing Foods To Eat When You Have Candida

Your diet plays a key role in keeping yeast infections in check.  Better yet, the foods you eat can keep yeast infections from occurring.

Foods to eat that keep candida at bay are:

Cinnamon and clove.  These spice has strong antifungal properties.  When taken internally, it can help your body restore balance in the digestive system.  Try making a tea out of these spices.  It will remind you of chai, and benefit your health.  Also works well when you have a sore stomach.

Licorice.  The root of this plant also does a great job of staving of candida.  Brew as a tea and add to the bath, or mix the brew with aloe and apply to the affected area.  Drink the tea to prevent yeast infections from returning.

Garlic.  Fresh garlic also serves as a strong antifungal agent that tastes great in food.  Use as a marinade for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Oregano.  This fresh herb also has a balancing effect on the digestive system.  Oregano raises the temperature of the body slightly while dehydrating the fungal infection in your body.

Sage.  Said to provide longevity by ancient civilizations, sage has been used as an herb in cooking for centuries.  Sage, rosemary, garlic, salt, and olive oil blended together makes a great seasoning for meats and roasts.  Is your mouth watering?

.  Another valuable herb for fighting off yeast infections, fresh rosemary has a unique, earthy flavor that compliments oregano and garlic extremely well.  When you herbs are fresh, the healing properties in them are also fresh.  Use as a marinade for poultry and fish.  Also can be brewed and consumed as a tea.

Meat.  If you eat meat, make sure it is fresh and not out of a can.  Certain methods for canning foods include adding starch or sugar.  Stick to the fresh stuff for a few weeks.  

Meat in itself is not an antifungal, but it is a food that staves off yeast infection because when you consume meats instead of gluten rich foods, you have the chance to "starve" the fungus in your body.  Free range meats are even better because they are free of antibiotics.

Vegetables.  Again, make sure these are fresh.  This way you can be sure that your veggies are pure and additive free.  Many vegetables are high fiber and other valuable nutrients that strengthen your body and help it fight of yeast infections.

Brown rice.  If you need to have carbs, brown rice is the best way to go.  Why?  Rice is gluten-free, making it more difficult for candida to use it against you.

See you next time where we will talk about foods to avoid.